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About Us

Burnham Park was donated to the Town of Morristown by the visionaries Frederick and Catherine Burnham in 1911 to provide passive open space for the enjoyment of those who did not have large tracts of land themselves and to provide a natural woodland space for the relaxation of the public. 

The Burnham Park Association is a nonprofit, grassroots all-volunteer organization founded in 1948, drawing members from Morristown and Morris Township, New Jersey. It serves as the steward of Burnham Park, Jones Woods preserve and trails, the Green Strip preserve and trails, and the surrounding area, and is dedicated to preserving and protecting environmentally sensitive lands, viewsheds, critical natural resources and historic sites. 


The BPA collaborates with multiple organizations on various projects and works to educate area citizens and promote community engagement with the goal of improving and maintaining the park and surrounding area for the enjoyment and benefit of current and future generations. 

1948 - Today
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Burnham Park, Jones Woods and the Neighborhood

Awards and Commendations

Morris Twp Proclamation to BPA 2023
National Arbor Day Project AWARD.png

Advanced Tech

State and General Assembly Citation on BPA's 75th.jpg

Burnham Park Association Trustees

Dr. Lynn Siebert - President
Dr. Don Siebert - Treasurer

Rick Bye

Jennifer Carcich

Jonathan Darwell

Brian Flynn

Siva Jonnada

Dr. Louise Karger

Sarah Karger

Mike Kundrath

Marissa Klein-Kundrath

John Landau

Susan Landau

Nancy McCollum

Debbie McComber

Susan Mellen

Susan Mutz-Darwell

Bill Pezzuti

Mitch Rubenstein

Mark Walmsley

Melissa Weston Flynn

Scott Wild

Paula Zimin

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