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Since its founding in 1948, the Burnham Park Association (BPA) has acted as steward of Burnham Park, Jones Woods, and the Green Strip located in Morristown and Morris Township, New Jersey, by taking an active interest in preserving the natural beauty of the surrounding areas.


In 2017, in collaboration with Morris Township, the County Park Commission, and the Boy Scouts, the BPA began blazing a network of hiking trails in Jones Woods and the Green Strip. Together with the Morris Twp Parks and Recreation Department, the BPA, and volunteers of all ages have extended the trails into a 3+ mile network that has been marked, mapped, enhanced and maintained on an ongoing basis.

In 2023, Morris Township passed an ordinance to add all 38 acres of Jones Woods to its Recreation Open Space Inventory, insuring permanent protection as Open Space / Government Use.


Today, the BPA joins a community-wide effort to improve and maintain Burnham Park according to a landmark 2023 Burnham Park Revitalization Plan issued by Morristown. Also in 2023, the BPA contracted for a Stewardship Plan for Jones Woods and the Green Strip. Habitat restoration recommendations will be addressed under the guidance of Morris Township. 

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Burnham Park was donated to the Town of Morristown by the visionary Frederick and Catherine Burnham in 1911 to provide passive open space for the enjoyment of those who did not have large tracts of land themselves and to provide a natural woodland space for the relaxation of the public. The Park sits on the west side of Morristown, bounded by Washington Street (old Rte 24), Burnham Parkway and Scherzer Avenue. There is a walking path, benches, fishing spots, picnic areas, playground, and ballfields. More...

Jones Woods consists of 115 acres located in Morris Township, New Jersey with a 3+ mile trail network, which was recently added to Morris Township's Recreation Open Space Inventory, insuring permanent protection as Open Space / Government Use.

To reach the trails, go around the gate at the dirt road where Hillcrest Ave meets East Lake Ave. The trail head is a few hundred yards on the right. Five trails - marked in yellow, white, red, blue and green - loop around the pond and stream, down to Mendham Road, up to Picatinny Road and over to the Municipal Water Authority dirt road in back of the houses on Dorothy Drive, and up to Villa Walsh School. Benches installed by the Boy Scouts are situated around the pond and stream. More...  

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The Green Strip consists of a narrow swath (6.5 acres) of wooded area between East and West Lake avenues in Morris Twp. At the lower end is a meadow. Enter the walking trail from lower East Lake Avenue at the top of the meadow. Walk up to the top where East Lake and Hillcrest avenues meet. This trail needs regular maintenance, best handled through regular use, so spread the word! Why not walk on a trail through the woods rather than on pavement! More...

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