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The BPA has created a network of hiking trails in Jones Woods and the Green Strip in collaboration with Morris Township, the County Park Commission, and the Boy Scouts. Together with the Morris Twp Parks and Recreation Department, BPA trail master Rick Bye and volunteers of all ages have extended the trails into a 3+ mile network that has been marked, mapped, enhanced, and maintained on an ongoing basis.

Hike on your own or join a BPA guided hike and learn about the fascinating history of these watersheds.

Jones Woods Green Strip Stewardship Plan FoHVOS NJ 2023 BPA


The BPA and Morris Township have instituted a program of invasive species management and habitat restoration in the Jones Woods and the Green Strip which includes removing vines that are strangling trees, controlling erosion by spreading native grass and forb seeds on steep slopes and rutted areas, and removing invasive plants and replacing with natives. Trees have been planted to replace diseased Ash trees. Bridges, boardwalks, wooden braces for erosion control, wooden stepping blocks, benches, signage and markers have been added.

In 2023, the BPA contracted with Dr. Mike Van Clef of Ecological Solutions to prepare an inventory of invasives and a priority outline for ongoing stewardship in these areas. The BPA has shared this Stewardship Plan with Morris Township and hopes to work with the Township in addressing the recommendations in the re
port in the months and years to come. 

Every Spring, the BPA holds a Clean Up day for litter removal in the Green Strip.

Jones Woods

High water May Jones Woods BPA

Go around the gate at the dirt road where Hillcrest Ave meets East Lake Ave. The trail head is a few hundred yards on the right. Five trails - marked in yellow, white, red, blue and green - interconnect and loop around the pond and stream, down to Mendham Road, up to Picatinny Road and over to the Municipal Water Authority dirt road behind the houses on Dorothy Drive, and up to Villa Walsh School. Benches installed by the Boy Scouts are situated around the pond and stream.  

boys cool in creek BPA

Green Strip

Morris Twp plants trees 2023 BPA

This trail runs through the wooded green space area between East and West Lake avenues, off of lower East Lake up to the top where East Lake and Hillcrest avenues meet. The; entrance can be hard to find, Morris Twp is planning to install a sign at the trailhead.

This trail needs regular maintenance, best handled through regular use, so spread the word! Why not walk on a trail through the woods rather than on pavement!

path green-strip-spring BPA
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